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and take new, successful business leaps!


PanScan Consulting helps Finnish companies to create growth by making a good use of the Scandinavian markets.


b About



PanScan Consulting is specialised in boosting business within b2c products and services, design and retail.

Our mission is to help Finnish companies to  create growth by making a good use of  

business opportunities
inspirational benchmarking
board-level competencies 

in the Scandinavian markets next door



PanScan has a presence in Helsinki, Copenhagen and Stockholm.

Moreover, we have local partners for various client needs – working in the same ambitious and creative PanScan spirit.

For Pan-European projects, we warmly recommend our network European Insiders.


c Branding & Conceptualization


1.  Branding & Conceptualization

Basically, nobody really needs a new product or service. But will be happy to test one, when they meet
a striking new favourite!

PanScan will be your professional eyes & ears –  making sure your approach will stand out  in the Scandinavian markets and  charm your audience in the targeted segments.


1. Opening the Right Doors

2.  Opening the Right Doors


Thanks to a unique, personal network within Scandinavia,  PanScan will be able to provide you with incredibly valuable market feedback and sparring at an early stagebefore meeting
real sharks.  

Based on the outcome, we will co-create an optimal expansion strategy and guide you along the fastest shortcuts to relevant partners and new
business opportunities!

2. Inspirational Business Boosting

3.  Inspirational Business Boosting

Scandinavia is a great source of early signals and successful b2c concepts, offering plenty of inspirational benchmarking – next door.

PanScan facilitates Business Boosting Excursions based on the client´s strategic objectives – providing a tailor-made package of food for thought, business contacts and crystallizing workshop shots.

This well-proven PanScan concept is a FUN and  SUCCESSFUL way of thinking out of the daily carousel – realizing new business ideas with a true
competitive edge! 



3. The Power of a Great Board

4. The Power of a Great Board

A great Board of Directors is a key accelerator for  growth and overall development of a company.

The Scandinavians have been there before – creating successful, international b2c businesses. Why not make a good use of their experience?

PanScan will help you to identify the competencies most valuable for your next leaps –  and find the right, enthusiastic Board Panthers within Scandinavia.

Think BIG. Act smart.


g Contact

Scandinavia is full of business opportunities.

PanScan will help you to make a great use of them!


PanScan Consulting
+358 40 560 28 88
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European Insiders



h The Team


Sissi Silván

Sissi Finpro

 Sissi is the founder of PanScan Consulting, living in Finland and Denmark – earlier also in Sweden and Singapore.

She has sovereign experience in international business within b2c,
design and retail.

Sissi is a passionate Business Booster, who loves to have inspiring dialogues and to explore new business opportunities together
with her clients.

As a business leader, she has a track record from making successful launches of international business concepts and creating   impressive growth stories.

Her experience includes e.g.

  • heading the Finnish Trade Council (Finpro) in Scandinavia
  • taking H&M to Finland as the first Country Director
  • CEO at branding & marketing agency Womena-McCann

As a board professional, she has a valuable collection of learning points from Fysios, Reima, Mehiläinen, Tiimari, L-Fashion Group, Friitala, Hufvudstadsbladet and Viru Shopping Center.

Currently she is an Industrial Adviser at private equity company Vaaka Partners, and a member of Finnish Business Angels FIBAN.